Ninja Therapy

Ninja Therapy

Support for emotional and physical obstacles

In alignment with our belief that healing happens best holistically while addressing all areas of a person’s mind, body and spirit, Mosaic Counseling has developed a new program to assist our clients on their journey of emotional and physical wellbeing..

By collaborating with a separate exercise facility we are able to address traditional therapeutic issues in a unique and out-of-the-box experience. Group and individual sessions are typically offered on Sundays when the facility is closed to others, thus offering a more private, comfortable environment.

These sessions are meant to be used as a collaborative approach for those already receiving some type of therapeutic service or as a therapeutic experience all on its own. It would be ideal for a variety of clients, including:
– Children who find a typical talk-therapy environment too confining and restrictive
– Adolescents who previously have had difficulty engaging in physical activity but who would benefit from a positive, fun, energetic experience
– Adults who have had negative histories in traditional athletic settings but would like to engage in strength based and cardio physical activity
– Those who may be feeling ‘stuck’ with traditional therapy modalities and would like to experientially work on issues such as self-trust, confidence, emotional strength & perseverance

What participants can expect to get:

– Practical and concrete ways to use physical activity at home to combat anxiety and depression
– A sense of competency, effectiveness and comfort in an athletic/gym setting
– Renewed appreciation for our bodies and how strong they can be (physically and emotionally)
– Learning when and how to push oneself through slight discomfort versus when to honor and listen to internal boundaries and limits.



Ninja Therapy for Teen Girls

Building connection with self and others through physical activity

A safe, supportive environment for girls to explore various forms of physical activity while challenging and supporting each other and themselves..

Physical activities will range from strength based weight training, to light cardio routines and obstacle course type games. There will also be group process time to explore the emotional component of physical activity, how it can mimic emotional barriers/obstacles, how such activity benefits them, and how they can use it on their own to handle emotional challenges. All physical activity will be client centered and driven, with modifications for different comfort levels. And of course no activity will be required – just the opposite. Participants will be encouraged to set their own limits with self (and others) and rely on their own self efficacy to know when to push through discomfort or not.

Most of us are aware of all the research that points to the importance of physical activity (decreases stress and anxiety, improves mood and heart health, promotes self-esteem….). However, in my daily work with adolescents, the evidence and impact of a lack of physical activity is palpable. For teen girls in particular, this built up lethargy and misdirected energy can easily lead to depression and self-harming behaviors. In my experience, unless girls at this age are already involved in an organized activity there is little willingness and/or interest to engage in such endeavors on their own. The barriers are too great – self-consciousness, a lack of peer interest, unfamiliarity with how to exercise safely and effectively, just to name a few.
Ninja Therapy is an opportunity for girls to successfully overcome these barriers and obtain the full benefits of leading a balanced life that includes regular physical activity.

What this group is NOT:

– A weight loss group or place to talk about calories, the F word (fat), or what we do not like about ourselves.
– A place to feel intimidated or compared to others.
– A strict, or serious cut-throat environment where you will be expected to push yourself beyond your own physical limits.

This group is appropriate for girls ages 13 – 18.

When: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month 1:30-3pm

Where: NinjaKour Gym (directions on the right side of page)

Cost: $75.00 per group

Please contact Jen (404.377.3010) for more information.